The Physician-Scientist Support Foundation (PSSF)

The future of medicine depends on physician-scientists.

Physician-scientists are essential to advancing modern medicine. Yet a shortage of doctors with research training threatens the scientific progress that pushes medicine forward.

Seven out of 10 NIH institute directors and chief scientific officers at top-ten pharmaceutical companies hold MDs. Physician-scientists account for 37 percent of Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine and many Nobel Prizes in Chemistry.

In the past three decades, the proportion of physicians engaged in research has declined to approximately 1.5 percent of the overall physician workforce. Medical innovation depends on reviving the physician-scientist.

Scientific insights provided by physician-scientists – including statins, targeted cancer therapies, HIV protease inhibitors, among countless others – have provided the basis for hundreds of FDA-approved medications.

To address this critical issue, the Physician-Scientist Support Foundation (PSSF) seeks to support the most talented and motivated medical graduates to pursue careers in research.

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